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10 Best Places To Play Pokemon Go In New Jersey

Pokemon Go In New Jersey –
The Best Spots To Play

The Pokémon Go epidemic is sweeping the world, with people officially spending more time per day on the app than on Facebook or Snapchat! The craze has taken a firm hold in New Jersey as well – everywhere you look, New Jerseyans are playing Pokémon Go! This new game provides a great incentive to get out of the house and do some walking around New Jersey, but not all Pokéstops are created equal. I’ve been doing some research, and I’ve found some of the best places to play Pokemon Go in New Jersey. Here are the ten best Pokestops in New Jersey

10 Best Pokéstops in New Jersey

1. Grounds for Sculpture

This beautiful park has a ton of fantastic sculpture art, as well as a ton of Pokestops. Truly a beautiful place to go for a walk and find some Pokémon.

2. Rutgers Livingston Campus

This campus of Rutgers University houses 14 Pokestops and two gyms, all within an easily walkable area. Perfect for just passing through for supplies, or an extensive Pokehunt. (Other places to hunt Pokemon nearby: Rutgers Geology Museum, Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University)

3. J. A. McFaul Environmental Center in Wyckoff NJ

This 81-acre Bergen County nature center is filled with animals, nature trails, science exhibits, and Pokestops! It’s one of the nicest places in North Jersey to walk around hunting Pokemon and collecting supplies.

4. The College of New Jersey

The College of New Jersey’s beautiful Ewing campus is a great place to take a walk, and the fact that there are Pokestops (as well as 2 gyms) make it a fantastic place to go Pokehunting. (Other places to hunt Pokemon nearby: The NJ State Museum, The Old Barracks Museum, Washington Crossing State Park)

5. Atlantic City Boardwalk

Atlantic City is one of the most popular beach destinations in New Jersey, and odds are you’re going to need to refill your Pokesupplies if you’re going to catch all those Pokémon by the water, so stop by one of the many Pokestops on the boardwalk!

6. Princeton

There are so many different Pokestops in Princeton that it just has to be included on the list of best places to play Pokemon Go in New Jersey. Princeton is a great college town to explore – while you’re there, be sure to check out the Princeton University Art Museum! It’s free and you’re sure to find some Pokemon nearby.

7. Six Flags Great Adventure

Yeah, you have to pay to get in, but this theme park makes the list because – let’s be honest – it’s just not summer in New Jersey without a trip to Great Adventure! And with consistently placed Pokestops all over the park (the Log Flume and Kingda Ka are great spots), it makes it a great place to stock up on Pokeballs.

8. Cape May County Zoo

Seldom do you get the chance to hunt for Pokémon while looking at lions or monkeys, but at this free zoo, you can do just that. They even have free wi-fi so there’s no need to worry about data usage!

9. Seaside Heights Boardwalk

It’s summertime, which means that it’s time to hit the beach in New Jersey, so you’re sure to find a ton of water Pokémon near this Pokestop.

10. Morristown

There is an abundance of Pokestops in the Morristown Green. At one point, 17 different stops are visible on your screen! Due to the huge amounts of stops in walking distance, this is one of the best spots for Pokestops in New Jersey. Be sure to check out Morristown National Historical Park while you’re in town – you can catch Pokemon where George Washington slept!

Do you know of other great places to play Pokemon Go in New Jersey? Comment below!

EJ is a guest teen writer who (like most NJ teens) is fully immersed in the Pokemon Go epidemic in NJ. When he’s not playing Pokemon Go, he enjoys playing and watching sports, going to the movies, and exploring New Jersey with his family.

Featured Photo Credit: “Welcome to New Jersey” sign by Thomas Seymour via Flickr


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32 thoughts on “10 Best Places To Play Pokemon Go In New Jersey”

    1. Yeah Johnson park piscaraway is pretry good. Go for a walk/run and catch Pokemon all along the way. I would say that there is less people and therefore less lures compared to easton new Brunswick or Rutgers Piscataway campus, but some days during good times you’ll see lures all the way down the trail.

    2. I can support Johnson park in Piscataway. Host of pokecenters all along the walking path, but less people activity so less lures during off peak time and during bad weather. Go for a run/walk and catch pokemon.

    1. I was there over the Labor Day weekend, it was nuts and awesome at the same time. Easily over 300 people there playing Pokémon and hardly a moment went by when a pokestop didn’t have a lure

  1. WARINANCO PARK in Elizabeth, Roselle, and Linden area is always packed, people are always friendly and will replenish lures near the boat house most of the day.
    A bit of a doduo infestation, but snorlax, pinsir, the starters.
    GREAT ENVIRONMENT and scenery

  2. Downtown Boonton. At least a dozen stops and 5 gyms all within about a mile of each other. Plenty of water Pokemon by the river.

  3. Here in Dunellen is pretty great. The block-length park down the street from me has 4 stops just in itself, and a walk down North Street includes three stops (the theater, the break, the post office) as well as the library on the other side of the train. So you can hit at least 8 stops in a 15 minute walk. We also have 3 gyms, each team has one as I write this, and the players around here are super friendly.

  4. Somerville, NJ – on Main St leading up to the somerset hotel are a TON of pokestops, including one place where you can sit and have 3 within reach – pretty much CONSTANTLY with lure modules going.

    If you get thirsty, go to the bar at the hotel somerset – there’s a poke stop within reach if you sit at the end of the bar nearest the door.

    Finally, if you’re a drinking type, hit the Northside Lounge in Manville, NJ – in the 2 hours I was there not a single pokemon popped…however the pokestop across the street let me refill my supplies while I sat at the bar, and they have both USB ports in the bar for charging AND an optimum wifi hotspot within reach.

  5. Medford Nj has about 20 Pokestops and 5 gyms with in a 15 minute walking area. Also one of the Pokestops is a restaurant called the Pop shop. If you play while eating and order a meal you get a free ice cream.

  6. Downtown Toms River is a fantastic place. 7 stops on one block with very consistent lures set up. Because downtown is right on the water, is a very diverse set of Pokemon. From eevee’s to squirtle’s. All the way to dratini’s and koffing’s. Also, magikarp central. Working on my third gyarados.

  7. Blairstown Nj. Lots of stops. All within a very short walking distance too. If you live around there, be sure and check it out. Also, Truck Stops Of America (TA) in Columbia, Nj. We found 10+ Pokemon within a few feet of each other. A real “Pokemon gold mine” as well as the McDonalds next door to it.

  8. National Park in Gloucester County has about 15 Pokestops that always have lures on them and at least 3 gyms.

  9. Teaneck Creek Conservancey – there’s more the 15 pokestops on the trail that you can loop around so that’s 30+ pokestops. Not much pokemon though but a good place to go in Bergen county when you’re out of pokeballs

  10. Mount holly, Historic Vincentown (trail with 10 shops off of church st), Saint Mary’s Cemetery in Mount Ephraim, Historic Smithville, Medford, Robling and veterans memorial park in mercer County. All have an abundance of Pokestops as well as multiple gyms.

  11. Colonial Park in Somerset/Franklin Township has over 30 pokestops and 4 gyms! 16 of the pokestops are bunched together (feet apart) in three spots along the walking path (not even a half mile total stretch). It also houses Snorlax, Geodude, Squirtle, and Pikachu in the Rose garden!

    A very spacious, beautiful park bordering the Spookybrook golf course. Extremely kid friendly.

  12. Saddle River County Park!
    There is a huge part of the park that loops around, with about 5 pokéstops on each side of the loop.
    12 pokéstops total if you walk the whole park.
    Also, great place to get charmander.
    Lastly, it is VERY popular. Many trainers walking around.

  13. Turtle Back Zoo, great place. Over 17 stops and a gym. They held events there where they placed lures at every stop. I’m level 26 and caught 2 new pokemon to put me over 100 registered. Caught well over 60 in 2 hours. Check out their website. It’s also a great zoo, they have really fixed it up.

  14. Laurel Acres park in Marlton/ mount laurel is awesome. About 10 stops around a lake, great for hatching eggs. Lots of players, 1 gym, closes at full dark. One loop around the lake is about 1/2 a mile. Lots of players, usually the stops are lured throughout the day…got 2 charmanders in 2 days.

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