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The Complete Guide to Turkey Farms In New Jersey

NJ Farms Offer Fresh, Locally-Raised Turkeys for Thanksgiving & Year-Round

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Have you ordered your turkey from the farm yet? Yes, that’s right – from the farm. Many New Jersey farmers sell turkeys (as well as chickens, beef, lamb, and pork) direct from the farm. Why should you buy your Thanksgiving turkey from a New Jersey farm when it’s so easy to pick one up at the supermarket? Well, for one thing, a local New Jersey-raised, farm fresh Thanksgiving turkey will taste better. Once you taste a truly farm-fresh Thanksgiving turkey, you’ll never go back to a supermarket turkey. Buying from turkey farms in New Jersey is also good for the environment (fuel consumption is drastically reduced because your turkey is not traveling thousands of miles to end up on your plate), good for you (your turkey is fresher and has been handled less than a supermarket turkey, reducing the risk of food-borne pathogens), and good for both local New Jersey farmers and the local economy.

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Now, the thing is, because these local New Jersey turkey farms are relatively small (as in, they are not a factory farm) it is important to remember that they have a limited supply of turkeys and EVERYONE wants one for Thanksgiving. So it is a good idea to reserve your turkey ahead of time (like NOW) to be sure that you are not disappointed.

The following local New Jersey farms sell farm-fresh, locally-raised turkeys, as well as frozen turkeys and turkey products. In addition to selling turkeys, some of these farms also sell various other Thanksgiving items, including farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, cranberry sauce, soups, breads, and pies. Here’s where you can find turkey farms in New Jersey

Turkey Farms in Bergen County NJ

Goffle Road Poultry Farm

549 Goffle Road
Wyckoff NJ
(201) 444-3238

Where to Buy Farm-Fresh Turkey in New Jersey: A Guide to Purchasing Locally-Raised Turkeys in New Jersey | Find out more at www.thingstodonewjersey.com | #nj #newjersey #newjerseyturkeyfarms #turkey #farms #buylocal #jerseyfresh #thanksgiving
Turkeys at the Farm | Photo Credit: Ryan McDonough via Flickr

Goffle Road Poultry Farm is the only live market farm in Bergen County NJ and has raised and processed fresh, live poultry and eggs for over three generations. Since its inception, Goffle Road Poultry Farm has used free range poultry methods, and has never used steroids, antibiotics, or animal by-products in its operations. Turkeys are raised in open turkey porches, where they receive lots of fresh air and are able to move about freely. Goffle Road turkeys are fed a balanced diet of various grains, corn, and fresh water. In addition to farm-fresh, locally-raised turkeys, Goffle Road Poultry Farm also offers fryers and roasters (chicken) and specialty game items such as pigeon/squab, pheasant, quail, goose, ducks, guinea hens, and gourmet capon.

Turkey Farms in Mercer County NJ

Lee Turkey Farm

201 Hickory Corner Road
East Windsor NJ
(609) 448-0629

Thanksgiving turkey from Lee Turkey Farm - Hightstown, New Jersey | Find out more at www.thingstodonewjersey.com #nj #newjersey #newjerseyturkeyfarms #turkey #farms #thanksgiving #buylocal #jerseyfresh
Thanksgiving turkey from Lee Turkey Farm – Hightstown, New Jersey | Photo credit: slgckgc via Flickr

The Lee family has farmed the same land for over 140 years and six generations. Lee Turkey Farm has been producing turkeys for over 60 years. Today, they raise 5,000 turkeys annually. Lee Turkeys are all raised on the farm without medications or growth hormones and are fed a natural, farm-produced feed mix. Fresh turkeys are available from October through January 2nd. Advance orders for oven ready whole turkeys are necessary during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Frozen turkeys in just about every size are available during the rest of the year.

Griggstown Farm

484 Bunker Hill Road
Princeton NJ

Griggstown Farm has been operated by its current owners, George and Joan Rude, since the early 1970’s. The Griggstown Farm offers two types of turkey for the Thanksgiving season – the White turkey, a traditional breed that most individuals are used to, and the Red Bourbon turkey, a heritage bird. The Red Bourbon is a smaller, leaner bird with darker meat, but there is still plenty of white meat for everyone. Even though it is a lean bird, the Red Bourbon turkey does not have a gamy taste. All of Griggstown Farm’s turkeys are raised outside and are truly free-range birds. Fresh turkeys are processed and ready to be picked up on the week of Thanksgiving, but frozen turkeys can be ordered throughout the year. Griggstown Farm also raises quail, pheasants, ducks, poussins, and chickens. The farm offers several pick-up locations around New Jersey (and a location in Philadelphia!), as well as shipping via next-day air for your farm-fresh, Thanksgiving turkey order.

Turkey Farms in Middlesex County NJ

Spring Valley Turkey Farm

402 Spring Valley Road
Old Bridge NJ
(732) 970-5265

Spring Valley Turkey Farm raises Broad-Breasted White Heritage Turkeys that are fed local, natural feed with no added hormones, antibiotics, or steroids. The turkeys are raised in a cage-free environment with pen space nearly four times their need to keep from overcrowding.

Turkey Farms in Monmouth County NJ

Hinck Turkey Farm

1414 Atlantic Avenue
Manasquan NJ
(732) 223-5622

For over 75 years and four generations, the Hinck family has been providing high quality, farm fresh turkeys to their New Jersey customers. At Hinck Turkey Farm, the birds are fed only the finest all-natural grains, (no animal proteins or by-products), without growth hormones or antibiotics.

Turkey Farms in Morris County NJ

Ashley Farms

25 Hillside Avenue
Flanders NJ
(973) 584-7578

This local family farm was started in 1948 by Hubert and Muriel Ashley. More than sixty-five years and three generations later, the Ashley family raises 6,000 turkeys each year. Turkeys are raised from chicks and are fed a combination of homegrown corn, soybean meal, and vitamins. Turkeys at Ashley Farms are not given antibiotics, growth hormones, preservatives, or fillers. Ashley Farms has fresh turkeys available from September to December and frozen turkeys available year round. A fresh-frozen turkey is as juicy and tender as a fresh turkey because turkeys are flash-frozen in order to preserve flavor. Ordering a turkey for Thanksgiving is recommended to ensure you get the size turkey that you need.

Turkey Farms in Somerset County NJ

Three Meadows Farm

1130 Burnt Mills Rd
Bedminster NJ
(908) 719-7781

Three Meadows Farm was established in 2002 and started out as just a small vegetable garden that provided fresh food to Gary and Katy Rupert and their family. Over time, that small garden has grown into a fully-operational farm, raising naturally raised turkeys (as well as goats, pigs, chickens, and cows) and growing fresh vegetables, including many New Jersey heirloom varieties.

Turkey Farms in Sussex County NJ

Flatbrook Farm

2 Degroat Road
Montague NJ
(973) 948-2554

Flatbrook Farm is an organic farm in Sussex County, New Jersey, offering free-range, grass-fed turkeys, as well as chickens, eggs, and naturally-raised beef. They are certified by the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA). The folks at Flatbrook Farm are proud to raise animals in a dignified, ethical manner through humane handling practices, using organic, non-GMO feed, and without antibiotics and growth hormones.

Do you know of other turkey farms in New Jersey that should be included here? Contact us!

Featured Photo Credit: Matthew Britton via Flickr





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