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20 Amazing Things To Do In New Jersey This Weekend – September 15-17 2017

Festivals, Concerts, Family Events
Top Things To Do in NJ This Weekend

Looking for fun things to do in New Jersey this weekend? We’ve got the scoop on fun NJ events happening all over the state! From street fairs, to a renaissance fair to children’s events to art festivals and much more… there are fun things to do in NJ this weekend that everyone can enjoy!… Read more...

New Jersey Wine Festivals – 12 Fabulous Summer Wine Events

Sip Your Way Through Summer
at New Jersey Wine Festivals

Did you know that New Jersey is home to more than three dozen wineries? Or that New Jersey wineries produce over 1.6 million gallons of wine every year? Not only does the Garden State produce A LOT of wine, but it’s also really GOOD wine!!!Read more...

Top Five Things To Do In New Jersey This Week – November 9-15

Art Showcase, Theater Productions, Food & Wine Festival Top Things To Do In New Jersey This Week

Well, there’s definitely a chill in the air today and it feels like late fall in New Jersey. Our outdoor fall festivals are just about over (although we do have a number of super fun winter festivals coming up – more on that another time) and many of us are looking for fun indoor events and activities around the state.… Read more...

Top Five Things To Do In New Jersey This Week – August 31 – September 6

Air Shows, Wine Festival, Italian Feast Top Events In New Jersey This Week!

Wow – tomorrow is September! How did that happen?!?! Well, it’s the “unofficial” last week of summer in New Jersey and many of us will be spending it at the Jersey Shore, but there are a lot of great events happening all over New Jersey this week!… Read more...

40+ Amazing New Jersey Wineries Worth Visiting

Visit a New Jersey Winery & Get Acquainted With New Jersey’s Award-Winning Wines!

When you think of fine wine, you may think of Napa Valley, Bordeaux, Tuscany… but not necessarily New Jersey. However, that is beginning to change. There are actually more than 40 licensed New Jersey wineries in the Garden State and three American Viticulture Areas — the “Outer Coastal Plain,” “Warren Hills,” and “Central Delaware Valley.” New Jersey ranks 10th in the United States in wine production with more than 40 wine varieties and over 1.6 million gallons of wine produced in 2012.… Read more...