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LBI FLY International Kite Festival 2017 Returns to Jersey Shore This Weekend

Kite Festival Returns to Jersey Shore!

Get ready New Jersey – LBI Fly International Kite Festival is set to take flight along the beaches of Long Beach Island this Columbus Day weekend! Last year’s LBI FLY International Kite Festival brought more than 30 professional kite fliers from the United States and Canada to the area (many of whom are routinely invited guests at prestigious kite festivals all over the world) and this year’s kite festival in LBI promises an even larger turnout, with bigger and more colorful kites.

Here’s a glimpse of last year’s LBI FLY Festival…

Some of the many beautiful, high-flying kites spectators can expect to see will include giant inflatable kites as large as a full size whale, magical fairy tale horses, crabs and sea urchins, giant octopuses, trilobites, flying witches and scuba divers, and a giant yellow duck.

“This year there will be more unusual shapes and designs that will amaze our island spectators. Beautifully designed and carefully built artist kites will also be flown during the festival as well as displayed at local galleries prior to the festival,” said Lisa Willoughby, LBI Fly Event Chairperson. “Many of these artists have won prestigious awards for art design quality, craftsmanship and flying ability in competitions throughout the US and Europe.”

LBI FLY will include sport kite flying demonstrations and competitions (in which team and individual sport kite fliers fly kites to choreographed musical routines), as well as an indoor kite festival featuring celebrity kite fliers who are highly skilled at flying kites in zero wind.

Kids’ kite making activities will – once again – be an important part of the LBI FLY Kite Festival. Thanks to expert kite makers from the South Jersey Kite Flyers Club, children can gather at Bayview Park to learn how to make a sled kite which can be flown at the park or brought to the festival area to fly for the spectators.

The kite festival will also include a craft show, as well as music, entertainment and local food vendors.  Free LBI shuttle bus service will be available throughout the weekend.

One of the highlights of the LBI FLY  Kite Festival is sure to be the night fly in which sport kite teams will fly in lighted formations as the single line kites shine and blink like brilliant stars in the sky. This year’s night fly will be choreographed to music.

LBI FLY takes place along the beaches of Long Beach Island from October 6 – October 9. Most of the activities at the LBI FLY International Kite Festival are free! (There is a small fee of $2 per person for those over the age of 12 at the Friday Night Indoor Fly and the Sunday Night Fly.) For more information on the LBI FLY International Kite Festival, visit or check out the festival’s Facebook page.

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Featured Photo Credit: mys_try_la_d via Flickr

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