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Halloween In New Jersey – Zombie Paintball Hayride at NJ Motorsports Park

NJ Haunted Paintball Hayride Invites Zombie Hunters To Battle the Undead

If you’re a Halloween lover, you’ve probably been to lots of haunted houses and many a haunted hayride in New Jersey. There’s nothing like being chased by a chainsaw-wielding madman or a ferocious zombie attempting to devour your flesh to get your heart racing and your spine tingling! Except, of course, for the fact that you can’t defend yourself. :(

I mean, doesn’t it go against the grain of human nature to be completely terrified for your life and not be able to fight back??? Well, that’s a problem that the folks at New Jersey Motorsports Park and Battlegrounds Paintball in Millville NJ have solved with their unique Halloween haunted hayride, Zombie Paintball Hayride: Shoot To Survive – a super-exciting haunted paintball hayride that invites NJ zombie hunters to join the battle to defend the world against the undead!

This post is sponsored by Zombie Paintball Hayride: Shoot To Survive at New Jersey Motorsports Park, 8000 Dividing Creek Road in Millville, NJ.

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Millville NJ Haunted Paintball Hayride Joins Battle Against Zombies

This Halloween, hoards of flesh eating zombies will infest New Jersey Motorsports Park and zombie hunters are needed to put the undead back in their graves! Board the ZRV (Zombie Response Vehicle) for the haunted hayride of a lifetime and join the fight to defend humanity by shooting as many zombies as you can before they have a chance to multiply and take over the earth!

The Zombie Paintball Hayride operates Fridays and Saturdays throughout the month of October. For $25, riders receive 200 UV Paintballs and the use of a mounted gun to use to shoot at stationary targets, moving targets, and live zombies during the haunted paintball hayride. Additional paintballs are available to purchase throughout the haunted paintball hayride ($5 for 50 UV Paintballs).

Once your haunted paintball hayride is over and you’ve succeeded in stopping the zombie attack, other entertaining activities abound at the NJ Motorsports Park (additional fees may apply). Visitors can gather around the campfire and hear the story of the Jersey Devil or participate in a scavenger hunt. And if you’ve worked up a hunger and thirst during the haunted hayride, the Finish Line Pub will be open and offering burgers, soft drinks, and draft beers.

South Jersey Haunted Paintball Hayride Fights Back Against Zombie Invasion

Zombie Paintball Hayride: Shoot To Survive is located in the New Jersey Motorsports Park at 8000 Dividing Creek Road in Millville, NJ. Zombie Hunters can join the battle Fridays and Saturdays through Halloween. The haunted hayride attraction has time slots available from 7:30pm to 11:30pm.

For more information on Zombie Paintball Hayride: Shoot To Survive at the NJ Motorsports Park, please visit their website or Facebook page.

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