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The Complete Guide to New Jersey National Lighthouse Day Events

NJ Lighthouses Mark National Lighthouse Day With Special Events, Free Climbs

August 7th is National Lighthouse Day! This day marks the 228th anniversary of the founding of the U.S. Lighthouse Service. Several New Jersey lighthouses are planning special National Lighthouse Day activities including free admission to the lighthouses at some locations!… Read more...

New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge Returns This Weekend

2016 New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge Offers Rare Chance To Visit 11 Lighthouses In One Weekend

How many New Jersey lighthouses can you visit in one weekend? Hop in the car this weekend and find out while you take the annual New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge!

The Lighthouse Challenge of New Jersey is a two-day opportunity to visit 11 New Jersey lighthouses, one museum, and two life-saving stations.… Read more...

A Complete Guide to New Jersey National Lighthouse Day Events

New Jersey Lighthouses Celebrate National Lighthouse Day on August 7th

New Jersey lighthouses are an important part of our state’s past and present. With the Atlantic seacoast, surrounding bays, and the Hudson and Delaware Rivers being a critical component of maritime commerce in New Jersey, our lighthouses play a crucial role in providing both commercial ships and recreational boaters with the navigational aids that are essential to safe travel.… Read more...

Things To Do In New Jersey – Visit Our Lighthouses!

New Jersey Lighthouses Offer Breathtaking Views, Historic Perspective to Visitors

Yesterday my sons and I visited Absecon Lighthouse in Atlantic City and now we can brag that we’ve climbed the tallest lighthouse in New Jersey! There’s just something about the symbolism of a lighthouse that I love – a lone tall beacon in the night, signaling guidance and safe harbor for those traveling the rough seas.… Read more...