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Thank you for your interest in having your event listed on the Things To Do In New Jersey Calendar of Events. Each month, Things To Do In New Jersey reaches an average of over 130,000 readers through our website and social media channels with great information on fun and exciting New Jersey events and activities! As a result, we receive numerous requests to add events to our Calendar of Events. We are happy to be able to advertise New Jersey events that fit the mission of Things To Do In New Jersey. However, due to operating costs, we are unable to list every event free of charge. To advertise New Jersey events on the Things To Do In New Jersey Calendar of Events, please read the information below.

Things To Do In New Jersey
Calendar of Events Publication Standards

  • Events on the Things To Do In New Jersey Calendar of Events must take place in New Jersey and meet our standards for publication. We do not publish political events, garage sales, flea markets, in-home parties or vendor events, professional conferences or conventions, seminars, networking events, or events that are pornographic or profane. The editors at Things To Do In New Jersey reserve the right to reject any event listing that we do not feel is a good fit for the scope and spirit of our business.
  • We advertise New Jersey events that cost $8 or less per person free of charge. There is a charge to list events that are more than $8 to attend.  (Fees are listed below.)
  • Complimentary event listings are listed on the Calendar of Events and may be included in other seasonal event listings as deemed appropriate by an editor. No other advertising services are included and – in most cases – no additional publicity will be granted through Things To Do In New Jersey email services or social media channels (rare exceptions may be made by an editor as deemed newsworthy and as our editorial calendar allows). Other advertising options are available for event publicity – see “Other Advertising Options For Events” below.
  • For our purposes, an “event” is defined as a happening with a limited time frame of no more than one week or seven dates. For example… A community festival lasting one or two days IS considered an “event”. A county fair lasting seven days IS considered an “event”. A theatre production with seven different show dates Is considered an “event”. Pumpkin picking hayrides at a local farm taking place throughout the fall season are NOT considered an “event”. Comedy shows taking place at a local comedy club on a regular basis are NOT considered an “event”.  Things To Do In New Jersey does have other advertising options  available for activities that we do not define as events. Contact us here for details.

Fees to Advertise New Jersey Events

Things To Do In New Jersey does not charge to advertise New Jersey events that are $8 or less to attend per person. Organizations may list up to 3 free events in one month. If you have more than 3 free events to list in a month or if you wish to list an event that costs more than $8 to attend, please consider purchasing one of the following event listing options:

  • Single Event Listing – $20 for one event.
  • Event Listing Three Pack – $50 for 3 events within a 3 month period.
  • Six Month Event Listing Package – $100 for 6 months
    (up to 50 events).
  • One Year Event Listing Package – $175 per year
    (up to 100 events).
  • Platinum One Year Event Listing Package – $250 per year
    (up to 365 events).

Event Packages are non-refundable. Credits will not be issued if the client does not utilize their event listing allotments, nor will fees be pro-rated.

Other Advertising Options for Events:
Sponsored Event Announcements

If you wish to reach a larger audience, you may purchase a sponsored event announcement which will be published as a stand-alone post optimized for search engine results, emailed to our subscriber list of over 1700 members, and publicized via social media channels including Facebook , Twitter, and Google+. Your sponsored event announcement would allow for an expanded description of your event (300-500 words) as well as the inclusion of photos and even embedded video  (photos/video must be supplied by client). This creates a more visually appealing presentation for potential event attendees. Sponsored event announcements are published one to two weeks prior to the date of the event. Rates for sponsored event announcements are as follows:

  • $25 for events with a cost of $8 or less
  • $30 for events that cost $8 – $25 per person
  • $50 for events that cost more than $25 per person.

Contact to purchase a sponsored event announcement.

Sidebar ads

Another advertising option for event organizers wishing to reach a larger audience is to purchase a display ad on our website. Click here for more information on purchasing display ads with Things To Do In New Jersey.

How to Submit an Event to the
Things To Do In New Jersey Calendar of Events

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